Top 10 Stewardship Traveler Activities Countdown

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Top 10 Stewardship Traveler Activities Countdown

Editor’s Note: This article was originally posted on Wine Coast Country back in February. With permission, we have republished it here below for you to enjoy.

With over 70 unique activities and attractions in for the Stewardship Traveler people have been asking about the highlights. Every WineCoastCountry location has many wonderful Stewardship Travel opportunities to help you connect better, learn more, and find fun opportunities to make a difference when you visit. Plan your trips around these great experiences.

Number 2: Explore the beautiful historic Fiscalini Ranch Preserve in Cambria


A family plants seedlings on the historic Fiscalini Ranch.

This is one of my favorite hiking spots – where we take all our visitors, where I find peace, and where hundreds of stewardship traveler families come each year to connect with nature. It’s hard to believe it was once slated for development as part of Cambria’s housing “infill.” I have to admit that as I hike the hills and look at the spectacular views, I enjoy playing with the idea of finding the exact spot where “my” house would be sited. Since I could never actually afford to buy a piece of coastal view property, I’m glad the ranch was preserved so that we can all enjoy it.

Cambria is a charming seaside village located on the coast about halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Like much of the surrounding area, the first inhabitants were native Chumash and Salinan tribes until the arrival of the Spanish missionaries in the late 1700s. The coastal town of Cambria was settled in the 1800s primarily by European immigrants, and was formally named in 1869. The Swiss-Italian Fiscalini family bought the heavily forested 430-acre property and cleared it for cattle grazing. It continued to be a working cattle ranch until the early 2000s.

In the 1980s and 1990s the ranch was sold to real estate developers with plans to build a substantial residential commercial project. A number of local, regional, state and national conservation organizations joined together with individuals to purchase the land and preserve it as open space. They finally succeeded in November 2000. Yes, it really does take a village to preserve a ranch!

Today, the non-profit organization, Friends of the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve, holds the conservation easement and works with the local Community Services District to provide trails and access for residents and visitors. It has a scenic wheelchair accessible trail along the coastal bluff, while other trails allow dogs off leash. The removal of the cattle provided more habitat for birds, native plants and other wildlife. It’s a beautiful place, worthy of a visit. Annually on Thanksgiving weekend, volunteer stewards are invited to plant native Monterey pine seedlings to help re-establish the forest. Monthly walking tours offer further information about the cultural and natural history of the area.

For a virtual tour of the Fiscalini Ranch visit:

Find Your Aisle in Cambria

There’s more than one way to tie the knot, and every bride has her own signature touch to add. With the mystique of charming and private locations, Cambria is a treasure chest of eclectic elements that make it an ideal venue for a unique wedding. Boasting iconic natural settings, rustic country vineyards, eclectic trinkets and antiques, Cambria sets the stage to capture the essence of a bride’s vision and make everlasting memories.



Something Old…


Elegant and sophisticated, the classical bride will find historical wonders for her memorable ode to the past. From castles to vine-covered cottages, Cambria’s architecture is reminiscent of the Victorian, Old World and bungalow styles from the turn of the century. Whether you choose to walk down the aisle adorned by the grand pools, gardens and terraces of Hearst Castle, or the quaint Santa Rosa Chapel overlooking the East Village, Cambria offers couples a venue of timeless beauty.



Something New…


For the California country bride, the modern day backyard wedding includes walking an aisle in the midst of endless vineyards — in your favorite boots, of course. The Pacific Coast Wine Trail offers several exclusive winery venues, immersed within some of the Central Coast’s most enjoyable scenic routes and rustic countryside. Venture beyond the familiar roads of Paso Robles and uncover the luxurious pocket of landscape along the coastline. Celebrate your special day in the tranquil, romantic and private setting of trees and barrels as you savor the craftsmanship of local winemakers with friends and family.



Something Borrowed…


Known as the land of pines by the sea, Cambria’s landscapes vary from rolling hills and vines to majestic woodlands and sandy shores. Mother Nature lends herself as a venue with outstanding features, including a dramatic ocean bluff trail and a rocky, 400-foot ridge gazing over the shoreline. For the whimsical bride who prefers an aisle of wildflowers under a treetop canopy, Cambria offers intimate settings off the beaten path. Your fairytale wedding will become your happily ever after as migrating whales, birds and deer take a front-row seat as your audience.


Something Blue…


In Cambria, it’s hard to find anything bluer than the ocean. For the coastal bride, no ordinary walkway will do; this beach bombshell requires her own dramatic entry via the boardwalk. Famous for its spectacular coastline and breathtaking views, Moonstone Beach Boardwalk is where your seaside ceremony begins. Unlike other shorefront settings, Cambria’s beaches glimmer with rocks and stones of all shapes and colors — providing the most captivating of seaside venues. As your footprints fade in the sand, your special day will last a lifetime with stunning sunset photos in front of Piedras Blancas Lighthouse and shorefront ledges.



To see all that Cambria has to offer for your special day, click here.

Highway Closures

Highway 1 Closure

If you're heading to the Central Coast, be sure to be mindful of the stretch of Highway 1, 21 miles north of Cambria. Caltrans is busy with a major construction project to make traveling along the stunning Pacific Coast Highway a safer journey.

Highway 1 Storm Repair Along the Big Sur Coast Due to multiple active slides, State Route 1 is now closed between Ragged Pt. (SLO 72.87) and just south of Nepenthe (Mon 44).

Worried about Highway 1 Road Closures? Cambria and Hearst Castle are easily accessible from Highway 46 West from 101 South of Paso Robles or from northbound Highway 1 from the city of San Luis Obispo. Travelers from the north can easily take Highway 101 as an alternate route to Highway 1, which reduces travel time to Cambria by about 25 minutes.

For the latest road closure information visit the Caltrans website.