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10 Places to Picture Yourself in Cambria

We’ve all been daydreaming about our next trip to the beach—with year-round mild weather and a relaxing vibe, Cambria is one of the most alluring destinations on the Central Coast. If you can picture yourself spending your escape sipping wine, exploring art galleries, walking through nature, or curling up with a good book in your room, you belong in Cambria. There is much to see and do in this one-of-a-kind town. During the quiet winter months, your getaway will likely be free from crowds and chaos. This year, turn your dreams into reality—plan your next trip to the coast and book your stay in Cambria.

1. Sitting on a bench in Fiscalini Ranch

The views in Fiscalini Ranch are stunning, and they are best enjoyed from one of the many artistic benches located throughout the Preserve. Some are constructed from distinctive materials, while others feature special decoration, but each one is unique—and each one offers a place from which to take in nature’s beauty.

2. Placing a lock on the fence at Moonstone Beach Boardwalk

If you come to Cambria with a loved one, visiting the locks on Moonstone Beach Boardwalk is a must. They are hidden away on a small trail, but once you find them, you’ll never forget. Bring a special lock from home and write a sweet message on it—it will live on in Cambria, where you can always return for a reminder of your love.

3. Strolling through the garden at the Cambria Historical Museum

The Museum is a wonderful tribute to Cambria’s history, but the garden is a real hidden gem. Full of flora and fauna from the area, you’ll find Cambria’s clock tower at the edge of the property and many pathways meandering through the garden. If the Museum is open, stop in to see local artifacts and hear stories from days of yore.

4. Driving along Highway 1

Historic Highway 1 runs right through Cambria, and there are gorgeous views around every turn. There are pull-offs located along the entire stretch, but the oceanic vistas near Cambria are especially beautiful. Your trip to the Central Coast wouldn’t be complete without a picture somewhere along this iconic road.

5. Meeting the goats at Stepladder Ranch

Take a tour of Stepladder Ranch & Creamery, Cambria’s local goat dairy. With the help of their herd of Lamancha goats, they make delicious, small-batch cheeses in-house. They also have an avocado farm on their property, but the trees aren’t as cute as the baby goats playing in their pen.

6. Beer tasting at 927 Beer Company

Cambria’s only local brewery is located just off of Main Street in the heart of the town. While they are technically a nano-brewery (even smaller than a micro-brewery), they like big variety in their brews and love to push the limits of flavor. Their tasting room features beer, games, and friendly conversation—what more could you need?

7. Watching an artist at work at Patrick Gallery

Also known as Working Artist Studio, this aptly-named gallery is where local artist Patrick Dennis creates, showcases, and sells his artwork. Stop in to admire his latest artist-in-residence, and stay to learn about Patrick’s unique artistic style and methods.

8. Enjoying your chosen lodging property

If Cambria is your ultimate retreat, then your vacation may feature a lot of R&R in your room. Because there are no chains in Cambria, every lodging property is unique. Whether it’s a gorgeous ocean view, a cozy fireplace, a cool record collection, or bikes for exploring, snap a photo of your favorite feature—then, enjoy!

9. Wine tasting at Stolo Family Vineyards

While best-known for their uniquely delicious coastal varietals, Stolo’s property is just as enticing for visitors. Their modern tasting room is located on the edge of their vineyards, and there is a beautiful lawn and garden outside where you can enjoy your tastings.

10. Walking along Moonstone Beach

If you’ve been to Cambria, you’ve definitely been to Moonstone Beach—it’s one of the most well-known stops in the area, and for good reason. The beach is scattered with tiny, white moonstones for the avid collector, but the waves will soothe any soul who chooses to walk its shores. Pause for a picture, or just pause, period.