What is Stewardship?

Don’t just be a tourist. Don’t just stop by. Be a guardian. Be a trailblazer. 

California’s Central Coast award-winning Stewardship Travel Program provides a unique menu of over 50 activities for visitors to play, care, and unite with local residents, scientists, naturalists, wildlife, and heritage sites located along the CA Highway 1 Discovery Route. Come enjoy Cambria’s unique collection of stewardship activities and connect with our community. Experience the history, natural resources and preservation efforts that make Cambria truly one of a kind. It’s a place locals care for… and we invite you to do the same.

Stewardship Travel makes it easy for individuals and families to jump in alongside locals for educational and conservation activities that are designed to be “bite-sized” to pair well with wine tasting and beach fun!

Hospitality and stewardship hark back to the 16th century, and it’s still alive and well today in Cambria. Locals welcome visitors and strangers from all walks of life to visit and share in the natural and historic destinations that make this little village so unique. We encourage locals and visitors alike to explore Cambria’s natural beauty, while also keeping it beautiful.

While Cambria is a fun and fabulous town with memorable people and places, it also has some very earth-friendly opportunities to explore Cambria’s natural beauty and stewardship. Your vacation can be meaningful to both you and your destination.

Hands on. Hearts opened. Memories made.

940 Main St., Cambria, California, 93428

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