Tide Pools of Cambria

Explore Cambria's Under-The-Sea Wildlife! Cambria is home to multiple ideal locations for scouting tide pools and the creatures that reside in them. To avoid crushing any tide pool critters, please do not pick up any of the animals—just observe and leave them in their home. At Leffingwell Landing, you can tip-toe among the tide pools …

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Discover the Whale Trail

Celebrate World Whale Day on the Whale Trail! The Whale Trail is a non-profit organization with a mission to inspire stewardship and appreciation for these majestic mammals. They help identify viewing sites where you can get a front-row seat to these animals in their natural habitat.

15th Annual Cambria Wildflower Show

Have you ever wondered about the wildflowers, shrubs, and trees you see flowering on your spring walks and drives on the central coast? You can have your wildflower questions answered by experts and view hundreds of bouquets of fresh wildflowers collected in northern San Luis Obispo County, labeled with botanical names and families along with …

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Cambria Beach Clean-up | Fiscalini Ranch

Help keep Cambria’s beaches beautiful during one of California’s largest volunteer events of the year! California’s Coastal Clean-up Day is a great way for families, friends, and community members to join together and keep our beaches clean and beautiful for those who inhabit it. The clean-up will begin at 9 a.m. and continues until noon.

Cambria Beach Cleanup

If you’re an active visitor who cares about the places you play, connect with, and appreciate, you may want to take advantage of the new Stewardship Cleanup Kit opportunity, offered by the Cambria Tourism Board. Did you know that marine debris harms wildlife through both enlargement and ingestion? California Coastal Commission reports: “Birds, fish, and …

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