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Cambria's Visitor Center

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We invite you to visit Cambria, California,

described by as “One of America’s Prettiest Towns.”

We can’t help but agree.

Nestled among towering pines and the shimmering sea on California’s Central Coast, Cambria is a picturesque town that unfolds along scenic Highway 1 between San Francisco and Los Angeles. In fact, because they are all nearly the same distance away, many people choose Cambria as their in-between meeting place—or at least, that’s the excuse they use to come for a visit. Cambria enchants visitors with its historic architecture, distinctive shops, abundant hiking trails, art galleries and walking paths along Moonstone Beach. It is also home to a gourmet food and wine experience that is shaped by local farms, seafood and wineries.

Neighboring attractions include Hearst Castle and the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse, which overlooks a rare breeding ground for elephant seals. Cambria ultimately embodies the relaxing pace of California’s Central Coast, where rolling hills, rugged shores and ocean air set the tone.

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