Bird Watching Basics

In Cambria, there’s an outlet for every nature goer’s passion, and a little bird told us it’s quite the place to spot fowl of a special feather. Grab your camera and some binoculars to explore this natural aviary. With mild seasons, San Luis Obispo County is home to some of California’s most diverse terrain and wildlife.  A year-round site for breeding and migration, hundreds of bird species reside in this Central Coast Eden. Breathtaking countryside and endless trails of adventure are just moments away from the comfort of your cozy accommodations. 

Photo: Johnathon Reis Photography

Start your morning with a cup of fresh coffee as you awake to the sound of the sea. Itinerary in hand, after strapping on your gear and lathering up with the SPF 50, you can embark on your day of sight-filled adventure. 

Fiscalini Ranch Preserve is the ultimate spotting ground in Cambria. The preserve’s biological diversity surpasses that of many larger properties. Forming the half-mile, northern boundary of the preserve, tidal effect zones, seasonal freshwater marshes, and wetlands are a playground for native species like the cedar waxwing and swamp sparrow.

Seeking a challenge? Let chirps and songs alike be your guide as you take on the dense Monterey pine forest to find your prize. This habitat is a truly unique feature, as it is one of three remaining native displays in the world.  Explore new niches and domains as you follow the Santa Rosa Creek to meadows and ridge-top views of the nearby Pacific Ocean. This peaceful terrain bears an amazing display of nature’s diversity including a number of endangered species like hooded warblers, long-tailed ducks and northern parulas.

Photo: Johnathon Reis Photography

The most outstanding natural feature of the preserve is the dramatic ocean bluff that runs more than a mile along the shoreline. This rocky, 400-foot ridge beholds a bird’s eye view of migrating whales, playful otters, and nesting sites.

Bird watching in Cambria is unlike anywhere else. The spectacular springtime wildflower displays, rolling countryside and natural environments set the ambiance for a thrilling quest. With this handy list of local bird species and the open road awaiting, you can join us for a rare expanse of nature from dawn until dusk — hurry, the birds are calling!

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