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The Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Cambria

If you’re looking for a fresh way to experience the joys of Cambria, why not share them with your friends and followers? This idyllic Central Coast gem is home to beautiful backdrops and photo ops just begging to be your next social media highlight. It’s not just about finding Instagram-worthy places to take pictures of. Each one of these spots is worth visiting for fun times and making magical memories.

Hanging Picture Frame in Harmony

Insta Picture Frame in Harmony

If you’re looking for a place to capture your moment, why not the spot that frames it perfectly? This hanging picture frame is just one example of the adorable charms of Harmony, the tiny town just south of Cambria.

Snap a framed picture to show the place off to your followers, then spend your time enjoying everything else the community has to offer. From the quaint appeal of the Harmony Chapel to the delicious attraction of the Harmony Valley Creamery (and its cool cow) there’s plenty of Insta-worthy joy packed into this little town.

Portal to Big Sur

Big Sur Portal

Located on Highway 1 near Ragged Point, the Portal to Big Sur is a piece that’s all about highlighting the picturesque beauty of the Central Coast. This art installation by Aaron Appel and Abe Toke captures a perfect circular snapshot of the coastal cliffs and clear-blue ocean—it’s just begging for you to take a photo and show your followers.


Sun Mural

Cambria speaks to an artist’s soul, enticing talented muralists to decorate our town with beautiful masterpieces. The monarch butterfly mural at Bob & Jan’s Bottle Shop celebrates these fluttering icons of the West Coast, making for a perfect social media photo backdrop if you’re visiting during the monarch migration.

If you’re looking for a piece that just says “Cambria,” check out the Community Mural Project at Cutruzzola Vineyards. This striking seascape was initiated by the Cambria Center for the Arts and truly demonstrates the unique appeal of the seaside town. Meanwhile, you can photograph a tribute to the beautiful flora of Cambria with the wildflower mural at Slabtown Mercantile.

Bird’s Nest Chair at Slabtown Mercantile

Woman Sitting Inside a Wooden Nest Sculpture

If you find yourself at Slabtown Mercantile, you’ll also love the chance to check out the Bird’s Nest Chair at that shop.

This one-of-a-kind installation invites you to snap an Instagram-worthy shot of yourself lounging in it—you might need some help taking your picture with this impressive sculpture, so don’t forget to bring a friend. Don’t stay perched for too long—the Slabtown Mercantile boutique itself offers a stylish spread of heirloom home goods, supplies, and sundries that you can also treat your followers to.

Driftwood Benches at Fiscalini

Driftwood bench by dirt path overlooking coast

Hiking the lush natural sights of Fiscalini Ranch Preserve already provides a picturesque recreation opportunity, but you can also look forward to taking some terrific shots while you’re taking a break.

The Preserve’s distinctive driftwood benches are one of the defining symbols of this wilderness wonderland, and they look great in pictures by themselves or as spots for you to sit in and take a selfie for your social media. These bench sculptures represent the combination of natural beauty and handcrafted art that you can only find in a magical place like Cambria.

Peace Sign Window at Sea + Green

Woman on stairs next to peace sign window graphic

Sea + Green’s curated collection of vintage and handmade home and garden goods is a cool cabinet of curiosities to browse in its own right. But nestled at the back patio of the shop is a keen window decorated with a peace sign, placed to provide perfect lighting for photos. It offers a unique opportunity to snap a picture and share it with your followers, promoting the store to them while showing off your own smart sensibilities with any souvenirs you’re picking up.

Instagramming Your Stay

These are just some of our favorites, but one of the best things about Cambria is that there are more Instagram-worthy sights and attractions around every corner. Explore to find the best social media snapshot spots, and discover hidden views that no one else has yet framed—book your stay for your next trip, then start planning your photo-op adventure.

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