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February Events in Cambria: Couples’ Retreats

February is the month for love and intimacy. It’s never too early to start planning a romantic getaway on the Central Coast, especially with so many events in the season catering to couples. Celebrate your relationship together with fun and festivities you can only enjoy in February.


Blendfest Event

What Is BlendFest?

Not your average wine festival, BlendFest runs February 22-25, and is all about the unconventional, delicious flavors of blended wines. It’s a collection of tastes as unique as the charming community of Cambria itself, and it promises a weekend of indulgence surrounded by the iconic, romantic backdrops of the Central Coast.

Wine Tastings for Couples

Wine tasting is an ideal activity for couples. The flavors of this festival blend together as perfectly as you and your loved one do, and the event offers no shortage of excursions for you to engage in as a pair. Attend a seminar to learn more about the wider world of blended wines, or taste the dinner pairings crafted to accompany these drinks. You could even blend together two classic couples’ activities by attending a Sip & Paint excursion. Get your tickets today, and count the days until you and your partner share in the incredible wine-tasting experience in Cambria.

Cambria Film Festival

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What Is the Cambria Film Festival?

Held February 8-11, the Cambria Film Festival is a competition bringing together more than 50 short and feature films. The films will be showcased throughout several locations in the picturesque seaside town, including Moonstone Cellars and the theatre at the Cambria Center for the Arts. The hospitality tent, which features its own showings, will even offer extended wine time for those attending.

Extended Movie Date Night

Movie night—it’s a classic date night for couples. The theme for the 2024 Cambria Film Festival is “Love,” turning this into the perfect choice for your next romantic trip. Spend the weekend with your partner touring Cambria’s charming venues while sampling a whole host of films.

Cambria Country Dance Event

Dance Festival - Events

What Is the Cambria Country Dance Event?

The Cambria Country Dance Event will be held February 23 and 24 at the Veteran’s Hall in Cambria. This festival aims to provide a fun welcome to the world of Western dance, including two-step, swing, hustle, and line dancing. Come on Friday for the welcome dance, followed by a lesson on line dancing. After that, you’ll be ready for a Saturday filled with workshops, and the big dance that evening!

Dance Night for Couples

Grab your partner—the one you love the most—and get ready to dance the night away. There’s nothing like an evening of dancing to bring you closer together as a couple. If you’re new to the world of Western dancing, then learning these steps makes for a lovely bonding activity. And if you both already know what you’re doing, you can cut loose cutting it up together over your best weekend ever.

Other Activities To Do With Your Partner

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February brings a whole bouquet of romantic events to Cambria, but there are plenty of other activities in town for you and your special someone year-round. We’ve put together a whole itinerary of our most well-loved selections—take a long, romantic walk along Moonstone Beach, or dine with an incredible view of the seaside sunset at the Sea Chest Oyster Bar. Cambria is a wonderful retreat for couples. Start planning your next honeymoon today.

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