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E-bike Adventures on the Central Coast

California’s Central Coast has a treasure trove of outdoor activities, and Cambria is the perfect starting point for all types of exciting expeditions. One of our favorite activities is to cycle along the beautiful ocean coast. There’s truly nothing like feeling the ocean breeze against your face as you enjoy the amazing view from two wheels. To embark on the perfect leisurely cycling journey, try using an e-bike! Check out our tips for riding an e-bike and get ready for a joy-filled adventure.

How an E-bike Works

An e-bike is a bicycle with a motor attached. Often powered by a rechargeable battery, the motor works through the bike’s chain and gears instead of directly pushing the wheels. As you pedal, it measures and matches your effort output. This means that instead of extreme power surges that push you forward, the motor gives complementary power as you pedal along. You can still exercise and feel the burn, but you’ll be able to experience more Central Coast views with the same amount of oomph. E-bikes are a great option for cyclists of all skill levels and can help you get further with less exertion.

Planning Your Cambria E-bike Adventure

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1. Rent an E-bike

Begin your journey by renting an e-bike from VeloCambria. Their team of experienced cyclists will help you choose the perfect bike, teach you how to use it properly, and get you on your way! From e-bikes for mountain trekking to styles that are more aligned with coastal cruising, their wide selection of sleek rides has got you covered for any trail you choose. VeloCambria also rents and sell all types of cycling equipment while offering bicycle repair and maintenance, so even if you are an experienced rider with your own e-bike it’s worth stopping by just to browse the shop.

2. Pick a Trail

There is no shortage of bike trails on the Central Coast, and Cambria lives up to the hype. Whether you are an experienced cyclist or about to embark on your first ride, there is something for everyone.

A good place for cyclists to enjoy a leisurely ride is Fiscalini Ranch Preserve. The gorgeous riparian habitat has coastal views and prairie land, as well as majestic pine and oak forests. The Fiscalini Ranch Preserve website has a full list of trails with informational details about the level of difficulty, length, and amazing views you’ll get to experience. Choose a trail that allows cycling, gets you excited, and feels attainable for your skill level.  

For longer, more difficult routes spanning multiple miles, check out Cycle Central Coast’s route page, find your route, and ride segments or the entire route! Also, get in touch with Cambria Bike Kitchen to get expert tips from local riders.

3. Get Out There and Ride

When trying something new, the best time to start is always now! If you haven’t ridden a bike in a while, take it for a spin around the block, or down Cambria’s Main Street, before heading out to a more natural setting.

If you’re nervous about going alone, grab a friend and take the trail in tandem. Make sure you’re prepared by bringing a water bottle and a fully charged phone, always wearing a helmet. It’s safest to ride during daylight hours—and you won’t want to miss one second of the stunning views that you’re about to encounter.

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