(Guest Contributor) From Pines to Sea, Cambria Has it All

While I have yet to travel much out of state or even internationally, I am grateful that I live in California, one of the best states to be in. I have been able to explore much of The Golden State: San Francisco, San Diego, the Central Coast and, of course, being a SoCal native, very much of my own backyard.

When I am lucky enough to head up north, Solvang, Morro Bay, and Carmel are places that always are a must. But, at the top of that list? Cambria comes to mind. Nestled about 40 miles north of San Luis Obispo and whistling distance to San Simeon of Hearst Castle fame, Cambria might seem small to some, but they actually have so much to offer within their realms!

Last year, when I got to spend time there, I was in awe at how peaceful and versatile their natural wonders are. If you want to take a walk through the pines and feel transformed to a magical forest, you can easily obtain that feeling throughout their winding neighborhoods.

If its the beach calling your name, one of my most favorites is in Cambria: Moonstone Beach. Boasting a gorgeous one-mile boardwalk trail, this is the ultimate getaway for those looking for the sea without all the hustle and bustle. I enjoyed sitting on one of their wooden benches just taking in the ocean breeze and serenity. You might even spot a sea otter, or if you are super lucky, a whale!

Speaking of otters, Cambria is famous for being home to many, as well as dolphins and seals, which are quite abundant in this coastal community.

If it’s wine you are in search of, there is a reason Cambria is said to be the “Wine Enthusiasts Getaway!” The Central Coast is home to many of the best vineyards around, so don’t think Napa is the only wine destination in California. Here, you will find their wonderful Wine Walk Trail—perfect to unwind after a day of taking in nature.

Or, if you would rather enjoy yourself in shops from posh to quirky, don’t worry, they have you covered for that, too! Their downtown village cannot get much cuter, with several inns, restaurants, shops and coffee houses lining the main drag, ready to serve you delicious dinners, desserts, ice cream and more. I always have to check out the antique shops; my parents have gotten me some of my favorite birthday gifts within these stores.


Go just a few miles out of town, and you will hit San Simeon, where no trip to this area is complete without checking out Hearst Castle. You will even see zebras on your drive up! Majestic and eclectic, The Castle is a must for all ages, and I especially hope to visit at Christmas time one year, they go all out making it a wonderland.

Whether you want to get away from it all with your honey, do a weekend with the girls (or boys), family (Mother’s and Father’s Day are practically here) or even on your own, Cambria is the perfect spot to do so. As a writer, I know this would be a beautiful, quiet escape to write, with the beach and seagulls as my background noise and a glass of wine on my table.

Summer is coming up, so why not check out all Cambria and the Central Coast have to offer?!

By Mary Lansing

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