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Etc Etc Etc

Picture it… Guerneville, California…1998…an out-of-work carpenter and a bored interior designer. The bored guy opens a small store front in this little Russin River town. The carpenter comes along and needs some work. Etcetera is born. Over twenty years later, the carpenter has more than enough work, the designer is far from bored, and, after a seven-year stint in Palm Springs, Etcetera is going strong and ensconced on Main Street in Cambria, California. We still gift wrap, still ship, still sing and dance, and will crack you up if you come into the store, but if you want to shop us online, well…you’ll have to come into the store in the West Village. We still stand behind everything we sell, whether it is from right here in California, or from the beaches of Thailand, and will always be here to serve you as if you were our neighbor.


Sunday - Saturday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

789 Main St., Cambria, CA, 93428

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