Hearst Castle

If you listen closely enough in the afternoon atop an enchanted hill near Cambria, you can hear waves lapping along the expanse of coast below and exotic zebras grazing in nearby meadows. This is La Cuesta Encantada, or “The Enchanted Hill,” which is home to one of America’s greatest châteaus: Hearst Castle.


Hearst Castle sits atop the Santa Lucia Mountains of California, overlooking the Pacific Ocean 1,600 feet below. An observation deck on the east end of the complex offers a wonderful vantage point of the sweeping vistas. (We recommend visiting around sunset, if possible.)


Step Back in Time on Walking Tours
Tour Hearst Castle and step back in time. Explore the 165 rooms and more than 125 sprawling acres of gardens, terraces, pools and walkways.

Three unique guided Hearst Castle Tours are offered throughout the day, and evening tours are offered in the Spring and Fall only. You will not want to miss Hearst Castle’s breathtaking views at sunset.


Plan your trip and experience firsthand the mezzanine ceilings, gothic suites, and pools made of gold and marble.


Craftsmen labored nearly 28 years to create La Cuesta Encantada “The Enchanted Hill,” a magnificent estate of 165 rooms, and 127 acres of gardens, terraces, pools, and walkways. Its rooms were furnished with an impressive collection of Spanish and Italian antiques and art.


Hearst Castle was named after William Randolph Hearst and the history dates back to the 1920s. Hearst Castle offers daily tours at various hours of the day for your convenience. This stop is a must on your agenda during your Cambria visit.

750 Hearst Castle Rd., San Simeon, California

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