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Plant & Flower Shops in Cambria, CA

Discover a floral coastal paradise in Cambria. Whether you’re looking to surprise your significant other with a bouquet as you arrive at your lodging, searching for the perfect house plant, or just need some floral aura as you breathe in the ocean waves, there are plenty of ways you can immerse yourself in the unique plants and flowers of Cambria.

The Central Coast may be known for its Western Monarch migrations to its flora in fall and wildflower season in the spring, but you can experience the flowers and plants of the region year-round. From colorful floral arrangements to rare succulents, Cambria has something to offer every plant enthusiast. You might even want to take some of Cambria’s floral flourishes home with you as a living reminder of your trip.

List of Flower Shops in Cambria, CA

One of the best ways to dive into the petals of Cambria is to start at the seeds, which are the brilliant florists in the oceanside town.

Cambria Nursery and Florist

Offering seasonal arrangements and flowers that can be bought any time of year, Cambria Nursery and Florist is the perfect spot to make your visit even more special. A local business that participates in community events such as the Cambria Scarecrow Festival and the Cambria Christmas Market, Cambria Nursery and Florist is a staple of the local community, contributing floral arrangements to celebrations year-round. Don’t forget to explore their Christmas store, where the holiday spirit is alive at all times of the year.

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Cambria Inspirations

At Cambria Inspirations, flowers are a work of art. They offer exquisite bouquets geared toward special occasions as well as a convenient flower delivery service to make your floral gestures even more unique. Wander their gift shop, which features garden décor, seasonal items, and, of course, fresh plants and flowers. Choose a piece of Cambria’s natural beauty to take home with you.

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Gardens at Cambria Pines Lodge

Explore the diverse world of plants at the Gardens at Cambria Pines Lodge, where nature’s treasures await. Take in the rare Monterey pine trees and a variety of captivating gardens. Each area is dedicated to a different type of plant, like herbs, succulents, roses, and even an organic kitchen garden. There’s truly something for every plant lover. Bonus: they’re dog-friendly! Bring your furry friend and relax on the rustic wooden benches.

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The Garden Shed

Step into history at The Garden Shed, located at the center of town, where unique yard art and nature converge. Explore the beautiful plants and foliage, and discover a wide array of gardening merchandise to take home and enhance your own garden. They’re always adding new merchandise, so you’re sure to find a one-of-a-kind piece to add to your own collection or gift to the gardener in your life.  

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Grow Nursery

Discover something truly exceptional at Grow Nursery, a plant shop that’s part of The Garden Shed. Specializing in rare and unusual succulents, this nursery is a treasure trove for plant enthusiasts. They also offer air plants, mineral specimens from around the world, and handcrafted pottery. You’re sure to be surprised by the unique variety of succulents on display. Make sure to also browse the gift shop!   

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Enjoying the Flowers & Plants of Cambria

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While visiting the incredible local flower shops is a delight, you don’t need to buy flowers to enjoy them in Cambria. Nature’s wonders are all around you—just step outside of your room!

Meandering through Fiscalini Ranch Preserve

Experience the beauty of Cambria’s flora up close by exploring the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve, a sanctuary open and free to the public. Choose from a selection of trails, many of which offer breathtaking views of the region’s unique plants in these protected riparian habitats. Be sure to check out the Fiscalini Plant Guide, your key to identifying the flora in the preserve and around Cambria. Discover and appreciate the flowers and plants that make this preserve a true natural gem.

Wildflower Viewing in Cambria

Spring is when the Central Coast truly comes alive with wildflowers. Walk along the scenic Moonstone Beach Trail, one of Cambria’s most beautiful areas, to witness nature’s colorful display. Venture just outside of Cambria to explore the scenic Harmony Headlands State Park, a 784-acre coastal park. Don’t miss the Annual Cambria Wildflower Show, held on the last Saturday of April, to experience the full splendor of Cambria’s wildflower season.

Plan Your Next Trip to Cambria

As you plan your next retreat to Cambria, remember that the beauty of its plants and flowers is a year-round delight. Whether you choose to bring home a living reminder of your trip, explore the stunning gardens, or immerse yourself in the wildflowers of spring, the floral wonders of Cambria await. Start planning your visit now, and let the vibrant colors and fragrant blooms of Cambria become a cherished part of your journey.

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