Cambria Activities You Can Feel Good About

Start the new year, or even a new chapter of your life, on the right foot by walking through history, reconnecting with nature, and contributing to the common good in Cambria.

In this serene beachside town, discover how to merge your itch for travel with stewardship through worthy experiences and activities. Tour the sites and decisions that came to define Cambria. Learn how wildlife has shaped one of the most scenic and natural habitats you’ll ever see, as well as how natural wonders have helped shape coastal wildlife.

Stewardship: Good by Action

Having a fun experience is made all the sweeter when you’re giving something in return. The very fiber of Cambria has been cultivated over years to ensure that the stewardship of your activities is rooted in common goodness.

Local Shopping

You won’t find a big-name chain restaurant, department store, or even hotel in Cambria. Cambria’s unique, quirky, and character-driven shops, boutiques, art galleries, and antique houses are hidden gems you won’t find anywhere else.

Whether it’s your first time here, or you’re on your religiously scheduled bi-annual visit, you’ll always find something new while supporting the local business and their owners who have defined the Central Coast experience.

Visitors shopping on Main Street in Cambria

Cycling Over Driving in Cambria

There’s no need to keep your car keys in your hands to experience all Cambria has to offer! Whether renting a cruiser bike to head down Main Street or bringing your own road bicycle to take on one of the Central Coast’s many cycling routes, you’ll find yourself overcome with that blend of joy and satisfaction that comes from knowing your stay has been good for our environment.

by bike

Olallieberries: Fruit of the Earth Beneath Your Feet

Heading to many of the restaurants in town, you’ll find dishes made from an uncommon berry—the olallieberry. For generations, the olallieberry has been grown locally, defining the local cuisine and providing a sense of culinary uniqueness. Head to Linn’s Restaurant to enjoy the full flavor of the slightly tart and massively pleasant berry. There’s just something that feels good, inside and out, about food sourced by local ingredients.

Education: Good by Knowledge

Cambria’s heritage has been cultivated over hundreds of years by the experiences of people who love the Central Coast. Take the following tours to learn about Cambria’s history while appreciating its natural splendor.

Coastal Discovery Center

Just a few miles north of Cambria on San Simeon Bay is the Coastal Discovery Center, which celebrates the connection between land and sea. Admission is free, giving even more visitors the opportunity to learn about the area. Along with exhibits and literature that show the cultural impact of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary’s natural history, the center will give you a glimpse into why Cambria and the Central Coast attract seekers of wonder and adventure.

Cambria's Historic Walking Tour

Come back to town and visit the Cambria Historical Museum to kick off your Historic Walking Tour. Whether perusing through the eclectic architecture hidden among our town’s shops or exploring other bastions of historical significance, the 28 landmarks on the walking tour will give you the context to appreciate the inner beauty of Cambria.

Cambria Historical Museum

Covell Clydesdale Ranch

Sometimes, the heart of a town is displayed through one of its majestic activities. As you dive into Cambria’s rich history and environmental beauty, take a tour ride on one of the approximately 50 Clydesdales horses that graze on almost 2,000 acres of pasture at Covell Clydesdale Ranch. The tour will take you through a panorama of incredible views as you learn the backstory of one of the Central Coast’s most incredible ranches.

Conservation: Good by Nature

Preserving and taking stewardship of the wildlife on the Central Coast has been a defining trait of Cambrians. The result has been the preservation of riparian and oceanic ecosystems whose beauty takes your breath away.

Central Coast Whale Trail

On the south end of Moonstone Beach Drive is the center of a non-profit organization, the Whale Trail, that inspires stewardship and appreciation for some of the largest mammals on the planet. Learn how, when, and where you can best view these awesome whales in their natural habitat.

Cambria's Tide Pools

On a low-tide day, you can find several oceanside spots along the north and south ends of Moonstone Beach Drive where the moving tides create pools along the rocks that sustain sea life. Discover mussels, barnacles, sea anemones, snails, crabs, and more in these mini-ecosystems. Take stewardship for these natural marvels by observing them without picking them up.

Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rookery

Protected oceanside coves near Cambria that have been left undisturbed have become known as home to elephant seals—majestic creatures that can only be seen this up-close, in the natural setting, in a few parts of the world. The rookery a few miles north of Cambria and San Simeon is often a great spot for viewing the elephant seals. It also provides information on these large ocean-going mammals habits of birthing, breeding, molting, and resting.

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