Highway 1

Highway 1 has a rich, colorful history that dates back to 1894. Construction didn’t begin until 1922, but the need for the road was clear to local residents (and the opportunities for tourism were apparent even then). Today, California’s Highway 1 meanders along the coast, allowing access to some of the state’s most gorgeous communities …

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Roadtrip: Gorda

Take the Gorda day trip. From the Pacific Ocean’s famed Elephant Seals to a 140-year-old light station on a rugged, windswept coastal point, when you head north from Cambria there is something to see around every turn. Hug the coastline as you pass Moonstone Beach before entering onto the iconic Highway 1.

Roadtrip: Santa Rosa Creek Road

Heading inland from the coast, this short journey is perfect for nature lovers. The winding road featured on this route is lush, green, and very peaceful, plus there are a few hidden gems to see along the way.

Roadtrip: Cayucos

This beautiful journey along iconic Highway 1 offers plenty of vistas and ocean views as you head from Cambria to Cayucos. While considered a fairly short trip, there are plenty of stopping points to add time on to your trip.

Roadtrip: Montaña de Oro

The adventure to Montaña de Oro and back is packed with natural wonders. Take a quick detour down the trails of Fiscalini Ranch, stop for a hike in the Harmony Headlands, and explore the beach, tide pools, and caves at Spooner’s Cove—then cap off the perfect day with a burger at House of Juju by …

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Roadtrip: Avila Beach

This route is the perfect blend of natural beauty and classic beach town ambiance. Going to Avila Beach and back is a great way to get a taste of the coast. Take a break in Morro Bay and check out the awe-inspiring Morro Rock, then head to a delicious lunch at the Ocean Grill in …

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