3 Reasons to Visit the Beach in Winter

Winter is coming, but that shouldn’t freeze your vacation planning.

Heavy coats and snow boots can be crossed off your packing list—Cambria welcomes year-round flip-flops, sunglass-wearing beachcombers, and weekend warriors instead. Even in the dead of winter, Cambria’s mild weather, perpetually light traffic, and uniquely enchanting events make it an ideal vacation destination.


One of our biggest draws—and maybe even the reason you discovered Cambria in the first place—is the weather on the Central Coast. Temperatures hover in the 60s and 70s during the day. Like any coastal retreat, you’ll want to grab a light sweater in the evening, but the days can be spent soaking up the sun at Moonstone Beach or hiking and biking the trails of Fiscalini Ranch.

Less Traffic

Need to get away for a weekend? The goal might be to have some peaceful time with friends, family, or a loved one. Sometimes the vacation you imagined is overshadowed by honking horns and yet another trip to the gas station.
You may have already taken your summer vacation, but you might enjoy the peace and quiet Cambria offers: winter is the perfect opportunity to take an extra day off work and schedule a secluded, less-crowded retreat on the Central Coast. Get ready to wine and dine with relaxed waistlines. Wait lines—we meant wait lines.

Winter Events

One of Cambria’s most popular attractions in winter is the Christmas Market, which returns on Friday, November 24. Featuring beautiful light displays along with tons of vendors selling the most coveted holiday gifts and treats, the market will celebrate a time-honored European custom that dates back to the Middle Ages.

There are various seasonal tours of Hearst Castle. Enjoy the warm glow of the lights as you explore the luxurious estate decorated for the season.
The music scene doesn’t take a break either. Artists fill local venues, like Las Cambritas and The Cambria Pines Lodge, with their soulful sounds in the winter months. There are also various galleries for you to stroll, explore, and enjoy.
If you prefer creating the art yourself, The Nest Gallery will spark your inner Van Gogh. Artists like Christine Cortese and Laurie Hendricks share their talents and techniques with eager pupils in their workshops.

Unsure where to start? Download the Visit Cambria app to view our hand-crafted itineraries that include the activities mentioned in this post—and more!

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