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5 Hidden Gems to Discover in Cambria

Embark on a journey of wonder and revelation in Cambria, where each step leads to a new moment of discovery. This unique and captivating destination along the Central Coast beckons you to explore its stories that span time, creativity, and hidden treasures. In Cambria, you can take your own journey of discovering vivid portraits of a place that intentionally preserves its past while embracing the thrill of the present.

Santa Rosa SchoolHouse 2

Journey into Cambria’s past through the enchanting tale of the Santa Rosa Schoolhouse. Built in 1881, this one-room educational haven remained a cornerstone of the community until the 1950s. Relocated in 2019 to its present location on Main Street from the north bank of Santa Rosa Creek, the schoolhouse embodies the essence of Cambria’s history. For deeper insights, explore the Cambria Historical Museum, and don’t miss the chance to join a historical walking tour, leading you to more captivating sites that unveil the layers of Cambria’s past.

Piedras Blancas Light Station Lens

Unveil the maritime legacy of Cambria as you delve into the captivating history of the Piedras Blancas Light Station. The first-order Fresnel lens, a marvel crafted by Henri Lapaute in 1872, takes center stage in this tale of seafaring brilliance. Immerse yourself in the echoes of the past as you stand before the original lens and its intricate clockwork mechanism, proudly displayed adjacent to the Veteran’s Memorial Building. It’s a journey into history that connects you with the maritime soul of Cambria.

For a truly unique social media photo op, visit the stunning bird’s nest chair at Slabtown Mercantile! Climb up the stairs and pose in this giant chair sculpted out of twigs and sticks, just like a real bird’s nest. It even has a tiny birdhouse hanging above the chair for feathered friends. Once you have the perfect shot, visit Slabtown Mercantile and browse their beautiful collection of heirloom home goods and sundries. 

Red Moose Cookie Company

One of the most delicious secrets in Cambria is Red Moose Cookie Company. Whether you’re craving classic cookie flavors like peanut butter or chocolate chip, or something more unique like root beer float or orange vanilla bean, there’s something that everyone will enjoy amidst the many varieties of giant cookies on their shelves. Make sure to get plenty to bring home—a few for friends and family, even more for you!

5. Artistic Murals

monarch mural

Explore the artistic side of Cambria in a new way—through the gorgeous outdoor murals! Whether you take an Instagram-worthy picture with the murals or just enjoy the artwork, it’s a great excuse to wander the area while looking for hidden treasures.

Monarch Mural

Bob & Jan’s Bottle Shop welcomes you to witness the enchanting Monarch Mural—an homage to the western monarch butterflies that grace the Central Coast each winter. Pose in front of this vibrant masterpiece and capture a moment that mirrors the butterflies’ graceful flight. As you stand before the mural, let it serve as a reminder to return during the winter months and witness the real-life spectacle of these majestic creatures in person.

Slabtown Mercantile Mural

On the exterior wall of Slabtown Mercantile, a splendid mural of local wildflowers awaits your discovery. This living field guide adorns the wall, each wildflower adorned with both its common and Latin name. Immerse yourself in this larger-than-life botanical display—a fusion of art and education that enriches your exploration.

Community Mural Project at Cutruzzola Vineyards

Celebrate the synergy of art and community with the Community Mural Project at Cutruzzola Vineyards. Initiated by the Cambria Center for the Arts, this vibrant depiction of the seaside adds a sunny touch to Cambria’s artistic landscape. Crafted by the talented artist Tigg Morales, the mural paints a modern seascape that beckons you to embark on a Central Coast art journey.

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