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Central Coast 2022 Gift Guide

This holiday season, we’ve compiled a gift list of our favorite things—and they all remind us of Cambria! Whether it’s something that brings the Central Coast into your home, something you can only find here, or something you’ll want to bring for your next visit, you’re sure to find a gift for everyone.

Fun tip—while some of these stores are in Cambria, they all offer online shopping and shipping!

Gifts for the Adventurer

Adventurers are drawn to the Central Coast because of our spectacular hiking trails, beautiful cycling opportunities, and exciting ocean activities. This Christmas, give the adventurer in your life a gift that reminds them of the great outdoors, like a kayak ornament or a fun keyring. Or give them a water bottle or dog harness that they’ll want to take on their next expedition!

Gifts for the Wine Lover

From lush vineyards to Main Street tasting rooms, local wine is a beloved part of the Central Coast because of our unique microclimate. Give your favorite wine connoisseur a bottle of Cambria’s finest from a winery like Cayucos Cellars or Cutruzzola Vineyards. Or wrap a fun tool, like a fish-shaped wine bottle opener, that will remind your wine lover of the seaside every time they pour a glass.

Gifts for Someone Who Loves the Beach

We can’t all live by the ocean, but we all wish we could! If you know someone who strives to create a beach aesthetic in their home, a small business in Cambria like Simplistic Home is a great place to start your 2022 gift shopping. Or choose an item like a decorated coaster, a sweet-smelling wax melt, or a print map of Cambria itself for that seaside beach-lover vibe.

Gifts for the Bookworm

There are few things as relaxing as reading a book on the beach. Reading a book about the beach, wherever you are, comes very close. For a book lover, leave a book like Pacific Coasting or Surf Photography of the 1960s and 1970s under the tree. Or wrap a gift like a travel mug that allows them to be comfortable while reading on the go. 

Gifts for the Environmentalist

One of the most unique aspects of Cambria is that all the stores are small businesses. Many of them even focus on selling quality local products, often handmade or sourced from fair trade, that are produced sustainably. The environmentalist in your life will appreciate knowing their gift came from a mindful store like Sea + Green, Slabtown Mercantile, or Ebb & Flow.

Gifts for Someone Who Loves To Be Cozy

The seaside can be such a cozy place. Bonfires on the beach, bundled-up mornings watching the waves, a cup of steaming hot coffee at a little café. For someone who loves that cozy feeling, gift an ocean-themed resin night light, a tabletop mini fireplace, or a decorative wood cutting that brings a little bit of the Central Coast into their home.

Gifts for the Jewelry Wearer

Every beach has seashells, but in Cambria, we have moonstones! These jewelry stores and delicate room decorations bring to mind Moonstone Beach and the uniquely lovely stones that can be found there. The jewelry lover in your life will feel special wearing a glowing, shimmering reminder of their favorite beach. 

Gifts for Everyone

If you just aren’t sure what to get for a specific person, these gifts are perfect for everyone! Choose a beachy Christmas tree ornament or wrap a luxurious self-care lotion from Lucia Company. And everyone on your list is sure to be thrilled with a delicious pie from Linn’s Restaurant!

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