5 Things We’re Thankful for in Cambria

This time of year, we’re extra thankful for everything we love about Cambria. From the beautiful seaside views to the unique small businesses to the moderate climate, there is so much to enjoy in this unique place. Take advantage of the many lodging options, maybe even experience one of our local events, and unwind in Cambria.

Cambria's Unique Natural Environment

Cambria has a rich natural environment that is home to many varieties of plants and animals. Whether you’re strolling beneath the beautiful Monterey pines or walking along Moonstone Beach’s colorful shoreline, there are many opportunities to be quiet and reflect. Plus, don’t miss the chance to take gorgeous, social media-worthy pictures!

Fiscalini Ranch Preserve is a unique riparian habitat that protects one of the last unspoiled public spaces on the California Coast. Enjoy the flora and fauna by taking a docent-led hike to learn even more about Cambria’s nature. You might even catch a glimpse of wildlife that you’ve never seen before.

One-Of-A-Kind Shopping on Main Street

One of the most unique aspects of Cambria is how every shop is a boutique business. You won’t find any chain stores or restaurants here! Even many of the gas stations are independently owned. Shopping in Cambria means meeting and befriending local business owners, and purchases mean that money is reinvested in the local community. Take a walk down Main Street and explore the one-of-a-kind boutiques.

Year-Round Climate for Food & Wine

Cambria’s microclimate is very unique. Not only does it mean great weather all year long—mild winters and cool summers—but it is perfect for specific agricultural crops. Vineyards especially yield wines with unmatched coastal flavors. There is nothing like sipping a glass of local wine while watching ocean waves, and it’s a luxury that we don’t take for granted.

The climate is also ideal for growing Olallieberries, a fruit that has become popular in Cambria thanks to the Linn family. The berry is an essential part of their family’s restaurant, where they serve the fruit in delicious desserts like pies and oat bars.   

Ultimate R&R in Cambria

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Oceanside vacations offer something for everyone, and that includes lodging options. Whether you are in the mood to stay at a luxurious lodge or a coastal inn, whether you want the coziness of a charming bed-and-breakfast or the flexibility of a spacious rental property, you can find it in Cambria. The variety goes beyond just where you can stay and extends to activities, food, and sights. No matter who you’re vacationing with—friends, family, children, adults—everyone can have a great time here.

Exclusive Events Only in Cambria

Nowadays, we don’t take special events for granted. Cambria’s winter events offer wonderful times to hang out with people, have fun, and enjoy the things that make this place unique. Our coastal community celebrates the holidays in a big way. The Cambria Christmas Market kicks off right after Thanksgiving, bringing a joyous outdoor market featuring millions of colorful lights, delicious treats, and live music to the heart of Cambria.

With the start of the new year comes the Art and Wine Festival. The event at the end of January allows art-goers to sip on local wine and immerse themselves in Cambria’s artistic community. For the larger San Luis Obispo County, the Coastal Discovery Celebration is another popular pick throughout January and February, bringing the coast to life with various events, fun, and movies shown at Hearst Castle. Cambria hosts many other events in February, including a favorite among movie buffs, Film Fest, which will run from February 8-12, 2023. For vino lovers, BlendFest gives a taste of the creativity of Paso Robles winemakers and is all about celebrating unique blends. BlendFest will be held February 23-26, 2023. More details are coming soon.

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