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Guide to Scarecrow Festival 2022

The Cambria Scarecrow Festival is a tradition that brings locals and tourists together to enjoy the autumn season. An annual event that has been celebrated for 14 years, it has become a must-see staple of Cambria.

We have great ideas for planning your visit, including what to see, where to stay, and all those extra details needed for fully experiencing the festival. With over 400 scarecrows from all over the Central Coast, including San Simeon, Moonstone Beach, and Cambria, this event is one you won’t want to miss.

What is a Scarecrow Festival?

When the Scarecrow Festival in Cambria first began in 2009, it included only 30 scarecrows. From these humble beginnings, the annual creation and public celebration of scarecrows has grown to include over 400 of these works of art!

Contributors include local residents, students, and businesses. The Festival has even been featured in places like the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and

The mission of the Scarecrow Festival is to bring visibility and opportunity to local artists in the areas of San Simeon and Cambria. And it’s safe to say that in the last decade, this goal has been more than accomplished.

When is Scarecrow Festival 2022 in Cambria?

The Scarecrow Festival will be held from October 1 to October 31, 2022.

Who Participates in Scarecrow Fest?

One of the most exciting aspects of the Scarecrow Festival is that it is enjoyed by thousands of visitors every year! This means it takes lots of hard work to ensure everything runs smoothly.

As a volunteer-driven, community non-profit organization, the festival relies heavily on local involvement. Many businesses, groups, and even individual people in the Cambria and San Simeon areas participate in making sure everyone feels welcome. Some people use their creative talents to contribute to creating and showcasing the scarecrows, but others prefer to work behind the scenes. A few local businesses that help out by sponsoring the event are Cambria Nursery and Florist, Cutruzzola, and Moonstone Cellars.

Where Are the Scarecrows and How Do I See Them?

The most important question of all – where are the scarecrows? The answer is… everywhere! The scarecrows are located outside of many shops and businesses throughout the Central Coast area, specifically from Harmony to Cambria to San Simeon. The festival is not just an opportunity to see these fun creations and enjoy the autumn season. It’s a chance to explore the entire town. It’s especially fun to see if you can spot all 400 scarecrows! Try taking pictures or making a written list to see how many you discover. Check out our full map of scarecrow locations.

While you’re here, enjoy staying in one of the unique lodgings that Cambria has to offer. Try a cute bed and breakfast, a homey inn, or even a luxurious hotel. Use the Visit Cambria website as a resource for browsing your lodging options and then choosing the perfect fit. Since this visit will be spent scouring the area for scarecrows, it’s especially important that you are able to fully relax each evening.

DIY How To Make a Scarecrow for a Festival

Building a scarecrow sounds intimidating, but anyone can do it! Here is just one way to participate in the festivities with your own scarecrow in Cambria or San Simeon.

  • Build the Head – Normal household items, such as brooms, plastic milk cartons, and shovels, can make great faces. Footballs, soccer balls, or basketballs also are good options to build the scarecrow head.
  • Build the Body – An ironing board or something of similar shape, size, and sturdiness could become a body. Give the body some shape by using an old pillowcase.
  • Build the Arms & Legs – Dryer exhaust ducts, or any type of flexible pipe or cylindrical-shaped object, could become your arms.

After you’ve built the foundation for your DIY scarecrow, let your imagination go wild with items around the house. Check out more tips at The Great Cambria Scarecrow Recycle Challenge‘s website.

Plan Your Trip to Scarecrow Festival 2022

The Cambria Scarecrow Festival is a wonderful event for all ages and the perfect excuse to visit the Central Coast during autumn. But don’t wait to plan your trip! As an annual event that only happens during the month of October, you don’t want to miss your chance to participate. Learn more about the Scarecrow Festival by checking out the Visit Cambria website.

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