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3 Days in Cambria: The Next Chapter of Your Love Story

Spend time together in a place as beautiful as your love for each other. There’s romance in the crisp ocean air of Cambria, the whole area teeming with serene moments where you and your special someone will grow closer. Plan your romantic getaway for two with our suggestions below and prepare to fall in love with Cambria as you fall in love with each other all over again.

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Day 1

Boutique Lodging Accommodations

Your romantic getaway starts with choosing where you’ll stay in Cambria. Like all of the other businesses in town, each of the lodgings here is local—there are no chains. That means you can count on the unique styles of these boutique establishments to complement your time together. Settle into a beautiful beachfront room and start writing the newest page of your love story.

Lunch at Harmony Café

The best-kept culinary secret on the Central Coast, the Harmony Cafe is your first destination for dining together. The flavors of Italian master chef Giovanni Grillenzoni are your wondrous welcome to Cambria. The menu is ever-changing, giving you the chance to bond over sampling fresh-made pasta or authentic Italian pizza.

Watch the Sunset at Fiscalini

It’s a staple of the season of romance: watching the sunset together. Fiscalini Ranch Preserve is picturesque any time of day, but it blossoms to life as evening falls. Meander through nature’s beauty together along any of their trails before arriving at the coastline by sundown so you can embrace each other in the glow of this spectacular view.

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Day 2

Morning Coffee at Lily’s

Start your next morning together right by heading to Lily’s Coffeehouse. Their cozy deck is the perfect place to spend time with each other while you start your day with the scent of morning coffee. Get there Saturday morning and you’ll have your choice of sweet or savory crepes made fresh on the deck.

Couple’s Massage at the Nest Spa at El Colibri

Treat the both of you to something truly special, with a couple’s massage at the Nest Spa at El Colibiri. The day spa offers a suite of options for your specific preferences, from Swedish to deep tissue massages. Get taken to the height of relaxation together, so you can spend the rest of your day in mutual bliss.

Wine Tasting at Moonstone Cellars

Indulge in the flavor of love at Moonstone Cellars. Bond over wine tasting as you sample the flavors of Cambria, from full-bodied Zinfandel to crisp Sauvignon Blanc. These varietals are like your memories of this romantic retreat—they can only be made in Cambria.

Sunset Dinner at the Sea Chest

A romantic dinner for two is made even more memorable with the backdrop of a gorgeous coastal sunset. Just a stone’s throw away from the beach, the Sea Chest Oyster Bar & Seafood Restaurant provides a visionary twilight view. That’s not the only show you’ll see either—the exhibition-style food preparation by the entertaining chefs at the oyster bar is sure to make for a delightful date night.

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Day 3

Morning Stroll Along Moonstone Beach Boardwalk

After a romantic evening, you deserve to wake up with an equally special morning. A stroll along the Moonstone Beach Boardwalk is a wonderful way to start the day alongside each other. You can relax and be refreshed by the soothing sounds of the ocean, sitting together to take in the scenery on any of the walk’s wooden benches.

Breakfast at Cambria Coffee Company

You’ll be taking it easy this morning, but the staff of the Cambria Coffee Company will be anything but. They’re painstakingly serious about their coffee, and you’ll taste that with every sip of the gourmet blends you order from them. It’s one more special sensory experience for you to bond over on your Central Coast getaway.

Explore Local Jewelry Shops

For the big finale of your couple’s getaway, commemorate the occasion with something special from one of Cambria’s local jewelry shops. Peruse the custom pieces of Casa de Oro Jewelry, check out the charming accessories of Crystal Jewel Creations, or choose your loved one’s new favorite from the beautiful gifts available at Bali Gems. Find your next treasure that reflects how much you treasure each other.

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