Foodie’s Vacation

Whether you consider yourself a true foodie or just love to eat, Cambria has some unique culinary options that you don’t want to miss! For each meal, we’ve compiled a list of restaurants that can only be found in our corner of the Central Coast. Plus, we included a few places to satisfy your snack cravings between meals. Enjoy Cambria’s delicious offerings by creating your own itinerary for a tour that tastes just right.

For Breakfast

Hidden Kitchen

The Hidden Kitchen is a secret gem right in the heart of Cambria’s downtown. Unless you know what you’re looking for, you just might miss it! Part of the Slow Food movement, this patio restaurant serves savory and sweet blue corn waffles as well as superfood smoothies. Your body—and your taste buds—will be happy you visited.

The Spot

For a wide variety of delicious breakfast dishes, The Spot is the place to go. Serving fresh fruit smoothies, loaded breakfast toasts, different types of crepes, and more, there’s sure to be something yummy on the menu that you’ve never tasted before.

French Corner Bakery

If you’re in the mood for something sweet, visit the French Corner Bakery! Their artisan pastries are baked fresh every day. Enjoy a decadent croissant, scone, or even a mini cake for breakfast. If you need something more substantial, they also serve sandwiches and savory treats.

For Lunch

Boni’s Tacos

Whether you visit the taco truck or the restaurant location, you can’t go wrong with Boni’s Tacos for lunch. Famous for their Al Pastor, which is cooked on an authentic rotating trumpo, they offer a variety of yummy tacos and salsas that will keep you coming back for more.

Main Street Grill

If you’ve never tasted Firestone Grill, now is the perfect time! Part of the Firestone Grill family of restaurants, Main Street Grill takes a favorite Californian staple, tri-tip, and makes it even more delicious by adding it to sandwiches and salads. They also serve a variety of BBQ items and seafood meals.

Harmony Café at the J. Buckly Theater

The Harmony Café serves a variety of gourmet dishes that you can’t help but try. Choose from eggplant pilaf, lemon spaghetti with toasted walnuts, lamb burgers with arugula pesto, and many more options. They are also a live music venue, so call ahead to find out the next performance date!  

For Small Bites and Drinks

Stepladder Ranch & Creamery

Stepladder Ranch & Creamery is a must-taste on any food tour of Cambria. This sustainable farm produces goat cheese from their herd of 40 goats, all named and loved. Visit their website to find out where you can pick up a block of artisan cheese or schedule a tour of the ranch, complete with tastings.

Stolo Family Vineyards

This farmhouse, old dairy barn, and nine-acre vineyard that produces their own wine dates back to the late 1800s. Less than three miles from the Pacific Ocean, Cambria’s unique microclimate results in unmatched, coastal-style wines. Schedule a guided wine tasting on their website, or reserve a time to simply enjoy a bottle on their property! 

Soto’s True Earth Market

If you’re craving food that will make your body feel good inside and out, stop at Soto’s True Earth Market. This organic shop offers everything from fresh produce to bulk spices to unique health foods. Go to the back of the store to order a hot sandwich or delicious salad from their deli. Plus, they have vegan and vegetarian options!

For Dinner

Cambria Pines Lodge Restaurant

Located on the grounds of the Cambria Pines Lodge, this restaurant serves meals that celebrate the regional food of the Central Coast. From seafood to steak to pasta, every dish is garnished with herbs and produce that was grown right there on the property in the organic kitchen garden. 

Robin’s Restaurant

A completely unique restaurant, Robin’s offers cuisine that takes inspiration from a variety of international flavors. Made from fresh ingredients, many of them sourced from the local farmer’s market, the menu includes dishes that you’ll just have to try, like Thai Green Chicken, Tofu Panang, and Misoyaki Butterfish. 

Sea Chest Oyster Bar and Seafood Restaurant

The Sea Chest Oyster Bar and Seafood Restaurant specializes in exactly what it says—oysters and seafood! Sit down and enjoy a full meal with an oyster starter, a seafood pasta entrée, and a glass of local wine. Don’t forget to save room for one of their decadent desserts!

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