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Moments of Mindfulness in Cambria

It’s easy for a vacation to become all about rushing from one place to the next, never quite leaving enough time for true rejuvenation. Make this trip to the Central Coast different by intentionally creating a mindful and meditative weekend. Check out our itinerary to make space for a mindful outlook in Cambria, where we invite you to slow down, soak it all in, and savor every moment.

A Meditative Morning in Nature


Begin your time in Cambria enjoying the richest treasure of the Central Coast—nature. Put away your phone, set aside mental distractions, and just focus on the beauty around you. Whether you choose to meditate calmly or actively experience your surroundings, you’re sure to be refreshed.

The French Corner Bakery

On your way to the beach, visit the French Corner Bakery for breakfast on the go. Whether you prefer savory sandwiches or sweet treats to start your day, this little bakery has something for every craving. Take your meal with you to enjoy the best view the Central Coast has to offer—ocean waves.

Moonstone Beach

Known for the beautiful and unique stones that line its shores, Moonstone Beach is a great spot for relaxation and meditation. Wander slowly along the scenic path to see the beach from an overlooking view, or venture closer to the water to fully take in the beachy sights and smells.

Tula Yoga

Center yourself and physically connect to your surroundings through mindful yoga at the beach. Tula Yoga offers small group and private yoga classes that are perfect for quieting your mind and finding balance. Call ahead to book a private yoga experience in an incredible natural setting.

Fiscalini Ranch

If you’re ready for a more active morning, visit Fiscalini Ranch. This nature preserve has the best of the Central Coast in one expansive stretch of land. From ocean cliff views to seasonal wildflowers to animals in their natural habitat, this is a perfect spot to appreciate the earth and all it contains.

An Afternoon of Intentional Shopping

Shopping while on vacation is a fun and relaxing activity. On this trip, why not add a sense of intentionality to every purchase? Buy yourself a few treats at shops in the East and West Villages while mindfully considering how they were sourced, how they can help the local economy, and how you will use them in the future. There are no chains in Cambria, so by shopping in town, you’re directly supporting local business owners on the Central Coast!

Ebb & Flow

Once an art gallery, Ebb & Flow is now full of gifts, clothing, and art that can only be found in Cambria. Browse the shop’s candles, clothing, books, and other gifts to find pieces that will beautify your home with a touch of the Central Coast.


At Cinnabar, unique home decor meets sustainable world art. This shop teems with brightly colored treasures like dyed leaf lamps, baby toys, and handcrafted clothing. Every item is labeled with details about the country of origin, traditional use, and information about ethical sourcing.

Ocean Heir

The curated selection of goods at Ocean Heir is sourced from passionate artists who love what they do. The eclectic inventory includes stylish clothing, gift items, photography books, vintage pieces, and more. If you find something to take home, be sure to ask for information about the artist!

An Evening of Nourishing Food

Food is an essential and delicious aspect of any trip, especially when ingredients are fresh, local, and seasonal. For your weekend meals, try mindfully choosing locally sourced food from the Central Coast. Whether you do that during a stroll through a farmer’s market, a stop in a grocery store, or a sit-down restaurant is up to you! 

Cambria Farmer’s Market

If you are in Cambria on a Friday afternoon, ensure that you visit the Farmer’s Market! There’s nothing more nourishing than fresh produce and a walk in the coastal air. Browse the booths, try a few samples, and bring home a few goodies. Be sure to check the website for the market’s seasonal hours.

Soto’s True Earth Market

Full of delicious organic food, Soto’s True Earth Market is the perfect place to stop for a mindful dinner. The market portion has a wide selection of curated ingredients that you can use to cook a healthy meal on your own. Or, walk to the back of the shop to order a freshly made sandwich and salad.

Black Cat Bistro

If you would like a sit-down dinner, try the elegant cuisine at Black Cat Bistro. Known for serving Innovative Farm Fresh Fare, the menu constantly shifts to reflect the area’s seasonal offerings. Indulge with a glass of wine and reflect on the day as you enjoy the restaurant’s intimate atmosphere.

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