An Enchanting Weekend in Cambria

Welcome to a world of enchantment and discovery in Cambria, California. Nestled along the Central Coast, Cambria is a hidden gem waiting to weave its spell on you. Get ready for a dreamy, beachside weekend, where each day is filled with magic and wonder. You’re sure to be captivated by the beauty, charm, and allure …

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Moments of Discovery in Cambria, CA

In Cambria, you can embrace the thrill of trying something different, whether it’s a brushstroke on canvas, a sip of exquisite local wine, or a dish you’ve never tasted.

beach sunset

Foodie’s Vacation

Whether you consider yourself a true foodie or just love to eat, Cambria has some unique culinary options that you don’t want to miss!

Reconnect With Your Love in Cambria

Distance yourself from the noise, worry, stress, and distraction of everyday life and reconnect with the one you love most with a weekend getaway to Cambria.

Christmas Market Vacation

It’s Christmastime in Cambria, which means one thing—‘tis the season for the Cambria Christmas Market! A yearly tradition full of decorations, delicious food, and holiday cheer, this event is something everyone will enjoy. While you’re in town, make this a vacation to remember by trying our other fun holiday ideas. Christmas Market The most exciting …

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Christmas market

For Happy Couples

Come together for a moment to make memories that last a lifetime.
Your next romantic retreat should be all about connecting with the one you love most. Create a getaway in Cambria that celebrates those little moments when you can share your dessert, share a glass of wine, or share the sunset as you walk on the beach. However you choose to share your stay, Cambria can speak your love language.

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