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Cambria Center for the Arts

Cambria Center for the Arts engages the community through the inspiration, creation, performance, and enjoyment of all art forms. This building has a gallery and a 98-seat theater to host plays, musicals, concerts, workshops, and films. They offer a diverse collection of programs, from visual arts, performing arts, film arts, youth arts, and educational workshops. […]

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Coastal Wine & Paint

Enjoy a fun-filled afternoon of creativity, sipping, and mingling hosted at Harmony Café. Registration includes a complimentary glass of wine, canvas, paint, brushes, and an easel. Sign up in advance to attend the weekly party, or visit the Coastal Wine & Paint website to schedule your own private event.

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coastal wine and paint

Tide Pools of Cambria

Explore Cambria’s Under-The-Sea Wildlife! Cambria is home to multiple ideal locations for scouting tide pools and the creatures that reside in them. To avoid crushing any tide pool critters, please do not pick up any of the animals—just observe and leave them in their home. At Leffingwell Landing, you can tip-toe among the tide pools

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Discover the Whale Trail

Celebrate World Whale Day on the Whale Trail! The Whale Trail is a non-profit organization with a mission to inspire stewardship and appreciation for these majestic mammals. They help identify viewing sites where you can get a front-row seat to these animals in their natural habitat.

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Piedras Blancas Light Station

Just 15 miles north of Cambria on a rugged, windswept coastal point rests the historic Piedras Blancas Lighthouse. It was first illuminated in 1875 to guide mariners along the rocky California coast. The Bureau of Land Management now manages the Piedras Blancas Light Station as a historic park and wildlife sanctuary accessed by guided tours

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Hearst Castle

If you listen closely enough in the afternoon atop an enchanted hill near Cambria, you can hear waves lapping along the expanse of coast below and exotic zebras grazing in nearby meadows. This is La Cuesta Encantada, or “The Enchanted Hill,” which is home to one of America’s greatest châteaus: Hearst Castle.   Hearst Castle

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