Dog in Cambria

A Paradise for Pups in Cambria

Calling all dogs! Your human is headed out for an unforgettable trip to Cambria, and you’re coming along. You’re going to have a blast—Cambria is one of the most pet-friendly towns on the Central Coast. Read through this itinerary (or have your human read it to you, if you’re one of those dogs who can’t read). Then, get ready to hop in the car, stick your head out the window, and prepare for a weekend worth wagging your tail over.

Dog at Hotel 2

Day 1

Explore Main Street

You’ll be tugging on your leash as soon as you stroll into town, walking down Main Street with your two-legged best friend. Each one of the boutique shops here is filled with its own unique sights and smells for you to check out—and many of them are dog-friendly as well! Be sure to check out Maddie Mae’s Pet Pantry while you’re exploring. These knowledgeable pet-lovers are all about taking care of furry friends, so they’ll be happy to have your human hook you up with a tasty treat to welcome you to Cambria.

The Coastal Taproom

Your human is going to need treats of their own, and The Coastal Taproom is the perfect place for them to stop and grab something. Stretch out on their pet-friendly patio, and let your pal kick back with a beer and a burger—if you’ve been good, you can beg for the leftovers.

Fiscalini Ranch Bluff Trail

Enjoy the great outdoors as any dog loves to. The Bluff Trail at Fiscalini Ranch Preserve is a paradise for a pooch like you, with its fresh ocean air and beautiful fields just begging to be rolled around in. Your human will appreciate the charming coastal views, while you’ll be having a great time checking out all the cool smells of different wildlife you won’t find at home.

Pet-Friendly Lodging

After an exciting first day, you’ll be ready to head back to a room and rest your paws. Your mom or dad can check our lodgings page to find a place that’s friendly to good pups like you. No need to be in the doghouse here—you’re sure to find a home away from home where you can settle in and get all the belly rubs you deserve.

Dog on Boardwalk

Day 2

Moonstone Beach Boardwalk

Get your human up for a morning walk along the Moonstone Beach Boardwalk. Remember that the beach itself doesn’t allow doggies, but that’s okay. The boardwalk is more than enough space for you and your pal to stretch your legs to start the day.

Breakfast at Creekside Garden Café

Once you’ve had your morning walk, plus some breakfast dog chow, it’s time for your human host to get something to eat. Follow your nose and lead them over to the Creekside Garden Café. On the outdoor patio, your pal will be able to enjoy country-cooked breakfast, hot off the griddle, as you eagerly anticipate a dog day’s afternoon of adventure.

Wine Tasting at Cayucos Cellars

No need to whine, since even pups get to be part of the finer things in Cambria. Have your human call ahead to Cayucos Cellars to get prior approval, and you’ll be able to accompany them on a wine-tasting excursion! They can actually make full reservations for a personal, customized tasting experience where you can sit, stay, and spend time with them while they sip on specialty varietals.

Dinner at Las Cambritas

Finish up for the evening by scampering down to the East Village to take your favorite person to Las Cambritas for dinner. Their scrumptious, south-of-the-border fare will have you begging for a doggy bag to come home with you. Plus, the patio deck comes with a beautiful creekside view that both you and your pal can appreciate, with live music played out there on Sunday afternoons!

Dog At Robins

Day 3

Coffee & Pastries at French Corner Bakery

Get your zoomies going in the morning before you walk your human down to the French Corner Bakery for breakfast. They’ve got everything, including fresh-baked bread, pastries, coffee, and of course, an outdoor seating area for you to stretch out and get ready for another big day with your best friend.

Playtime at the Cambria Dog Park

Next, it’s time for the main attraction in this pet-friendly Central Coast town: The Cambria Dog Park! Pups of all sizes are welcome to come and play here. You and your human can make new friends to frolic and fetch with, and enjoy all the exercise and fresh air you can get on your coastal vacation.

Lunch at Robin’s Restaurant

Robin’s Restaurant is a place for everyone in Cambria, and that includes four-legged friends! This eatery has something for everyone, so you and your human can relax on the vine-covered patio together after the best weekend ever together. Enjoy some well-earned pets, then roll over as you appreciate the sights and smells of the best this delicious stop has to offer.

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