Moments of Renewal in Cambria

Spring’s serenity is the perfect time to push pause and refresh—and there’s no better place to do that than Cambria. This peaceful Central Coast town, tucked away from the hustle and bustle, provides the ideal oceanside backdrop to relax and treat yourself to some rejuvenation. Read through our itinerary to learn how you can get the most out of your renewing stay in Cambria.

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Start your journey by ensuring that your exploration of Cambria is as effortless and enjoyable as possible. The Visit Cambria app has all the tools you need to make your exploration of our Central Coast town stress-free. You can even download stops on your itinerary so you’ll be able to check details without using any cell service. Explore to find destinations that complement your refreshing journey, and use the itinerary feature to keep all the destinations below at hand in one convenient list.

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Day 1

Horseback Riding at Covell Clydesdale Ranch

Immerse yourself in timeless tradition at Covell Ranch. You can admire the majestic Clydesdale horses, and even take a ride on one of these gentle giants. Covell also offers tours showcasing the ranch’s incredible scenery, giving you a variety of ways to appreciate this one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

Get Takeout from Wild Ginger, Then Picnic at Leffingwell Landing

After you’ve worked up an appetite at the ranch, it’s time for lunch. It’s easier to relax on a full stomach, after all, and Cambria affords you some special opportunities for food. Visit Wild Ginger and choose your favorite menu items for takeout, then head over to Leffingwell Landing Park for a coastal picnic with Cal-Asian cuisine. The park offers tables and benches where you can savor your meal accompanied by the view of calming coastal vistas.

Walk Along Moonstone Beach

At the end of your first day, it’s time for some meditation among the moonstones. The evening colors of Moonstone Beach’s oceanside horizon create a soothing sight to soak in. Sink your toes into the sand of this magical slice of paradise and bask in the Central Coast vibes. You’ve left all your worries at home—all you need to consider right now are the days to come.

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Day 2

Morning Yoga with Tula Yoga

Greet the next morning with the classic calm of yoga. Tula Yoga offers personalized fitness and yoga classes to stretch away your stress. Take this opportunity to clear your mind with classes either in their studio or set against a brisk beach backdrop, refreshing yourself for the new day.

Massage at VYANA Wellness Collective

With your mind cleared thanks to the power of yoga, the next thing to do is nourish your wellbeing at VYANA Wellness Collective with a massage. They practice healing through the power of touch, making this the ideal follow-up stop on your journey of renewal.

Hike the Central Coast in Cambria

You appreciated that extended stretch of relaxation in the morning, but now it’s time to reinvigorate yourself with something a bit more engaging. There are few activities more immersive than hiking, and the natural beauty of the outdoors is abundantly clear in Cambria. That especially goes during wildflower season, when the breathtaking displays plus the opportunity to see a special “super bloom” transform the trails into colorful wonderlands you can lose yourself in.

Dinner at Indigo Moon

Feeling refreshed as you will at the end of a day like this, it’s time to treat yourself to dinner at Indigo Moon. The coastal cuisine provides a rich reward for your time spent taking care of your mental and physical needs. Indulge in the tastes of their many varieties of wine and cheese, and enjoy fulfilling meals of seafood and decadent desserts.

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Day 3

Visit the Elephant Seal Rookery

Begin your next morning by beholding the charms of nature with the local elephant seals in their native environment. The Piedras Blancas Rookery offers one of the best places to view these majestic creatures in all stages of their lives year-round. See them in all their glory to start your day off with a seal of approval.

Lunch at Soto’s True Earth Market

Following your journey of spiritual well-being, find more casual fulfillment at Soto’s. Head to the ordering counter at the back to choose from a selection of natural, sustainable foods and put together your own picnic basket for the rest of the day ahead. You can also select a few snacks for later from the natural foods market up front. Nourish the new you with the exceptional flavors of the Earth.

Intentional Shopping on Main Street

Reinvigorated as you are now, pick some things up with purpose at the shops on Main Street. There are no chains in Cambria—it’s all local businesses, and each one offers different opportunities to find the next piece you really need in your life. Practice some intentional shopping to take care of the renewed, thoughtful state you’ve cultivated while in town. Stores like Cinnabar, Sea + Green, and Slabtown Mercantile offer unique settings that are just as serene as the items for sale. You’re sure to find something among their home décor and garden goods to bring home as a meaningful reminder of the way you renewed yourself in Cambria over this weekend.

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