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A Weekend to Remember in Cambria

Making memories is a treasured part of your vacation, and there’s no better place to do that than Cambria. This tranquil Central Coast town features sights, sounds, scenes, and savorable specialties that are made to stay in your mind for a lifetime. So set aside some time, book your stay, and get ready to build a mental scrapbook of memorable moments you’ll treasure forever.

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Day 1

Tour Hearst Castle

An iconic, historic site set atop the Central Coast, Hearst Castle offers tours that allow you to dive deep into generations of memories in the form of a beautiful estate. This legendary chateau invites you to step in and experience the past preserved within. Time-traveling walking tours will take you through the incredible architecture and impressive collection of antiques and art. If this is your first time through Hearst, it will be an experience you’ll never forget. If you’ve been before, know that there are still new memories waiting to be made.

Wine Tasting at Hearst Ranch Winery

After an enthralling time at Hearst Castle, move on to the Tasting Room at Hearst Ranch Winery for a spirited way to wind down. The award-winning flavors of the Winery are an unforgettable taste experience. Paired with the breathtaking ocean views, you have a recipe for magical memories within this historic estate.

Visit the Elephant Seal Rookery

The elephant seals perched along the Central Coast’s coves have been marvels congregating along Highway 1 for years, so seeing them is a must when you’re making memories on your trip. The Piedras Blancas rookery is home to these magnificent marine creatures year-round, where you’ll be able to see them in different stages of their lives depending on the time of year you go. That means a different elephant seal experience each time you visit, and different opportunities to make new memories of these mammals.

Dinner at Moonstone Beach Bar & Grill

Blend together a gorgeous Central Coast sunset and unforgettable flavors with dinner at the Moonstone Beach Bar & Grill. These purveyors of the finest clam chowder on the Coast serve it up alongside incredible views of crashing waves and the painterly panorama of the setting sun, pairing what you see with what you eat for a memorable Day 1 dinner.

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Day 2

Walk Along Moonstone Beach Boardwalk

There’s no shortage of memories to be made on Moonstone Beach, so start your next morning with a walk along the beach’s beautiful boardwalk. Situate yourself among the serenity of nature, listening to the sounds of the ocean or gazing out on the beach and its beautiful namesake stones. It’s an experience that will leave you with memories that feel like a dream.

Lunch at Linn’s

Making more memories is easy at Linn’s Easy as Pie Café—and it’s also the perfect afternoon lunch spot. Stop in and order something delectable from their menu, then enjoy your food on their garden patio as you immerse yourself in the easygoing Cambria lifestyle. While you’re here, don’t forget to sample a most unforgettable flavor of the Central Coast: olallieberry pie!

Glassblowing Class at Harmony Glassworks

Nestled in this tiny town just south of Cambria is Harmony Glassworks. Within this gallery you will find a selection of charming hand-blown glass pieces from various artists. But for something truly special to take home with you, indulge in one of their in-house glassblowing classes. There’s nothing like crafting your very own souvenir, and you can complement that with more memories made by exploring this quaint community afterward.

Beachcombing at Moonstone Beach

More memories await when you return to Moonstone Beach at the end of the day. Enjoy the spectacular scenery bathed in the unmatched glow of a coastal sunset while you comb the beach for shells and, of course, moonstones. You may find a trinket to take with you and treasure, or perhaps the memories of exploring the beach with your loved ones will be reward enough.

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Day 3

Breakfast at Cambria Mimosas

Start your morning with a mini party at Cambria Mimosas Steak and Seafood. This charming eatery serves sweet meals you’ll be thinking about for a long time afterward. Add an order of one of their trademark giant mimosas for an indulgent breakfast you’ll never forget.

Horseback Riding at Covell’s

Cambria is home to so many memories you can’t make anywhere else. Case in point: Covell Clydesdale Ranch. Touring the ranch and seeing Clydesdale horses up close is special enough—getting to ride a Clydesdale is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you can relive any time you visit, letting you behold the beauty of the Central Coast from the back of one of these gentle giants.

Capture a Picture-Perfect Moment

The memories you make in Cambria will be special enough to live on in your mind for a lifetime. But you can enhance that magic by capturing them exactly as they happen, and embracing how fun and photogenic this gem of the Central Coast is. The town is home to innumerable photo ops that are ideal for sharing your memories with your friends, family, and followers. As you enjoy all of the unforgettable moments we’ve detailed here for you, don’t forget to record those moments for generations to come.

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