Christmas Market Vacation

It’s Christmastime in Cambria, which means one thing—‘tis the season for the Cambria Christmas Market! A yearly tradition full of decorations, delicious food, and holiday cheer, this event is something everyone will enjoy. While you’re in town, make this a vacation to remember by trying our other fun holiday ideas. Christmas Market The most exciting

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Christmas market

Moments of Mystery

As the fall season sweeps in, with hints of pumpkin and cider on the breeze, feelings of magic and mystery fill the air. Cambria is known for more than its stunning seaside views, with unique shops, delicious food, and intriguing sights. Make this your autumn destination for a getaway with just a hint of the macabre. Who knows, you just might find yourself spellbound.

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Moments of Nostalgia

Cambria is more than a beautiful travel destination—this small town is rooted in a rich history that dates back over 150 years ago. Step back in time in Cambria and experience the abundance of nostalgia our town has to offer.

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Cambria Historic Photo 1
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